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Paris H. Grey is a writer, molecular biologist, and lab mentor. She has written articles on strategies for early-career researchers for Nature, the Lab Manager, Science, and other publications. She's coauthor of Life and Research: a Survial Guide for Early-career Biomedical Researchers and Getting In: The Essential Guide to Finding a STEMM Undergrad Research Position. She also cocreated to help researchers navigate the hidden curriculum in STEMM research and to help mentors address emerging issues before small matters turn into big problems. Connect with her at

 Fiction writer Bio

Lilli S. Fenton is a molecular biologist and writer. Originally from a village in the Midwest that no one has heard of, she currently lives in north central Florida with her spouse, an adorable bunny that has perfect litter box skills, and almost too many houseplants. She also cowrites academic handbooks for early-career scientific researchers under her legal name, Paris H. Grey. Connect with her at