Welcome, Reader

a little about me

When given the option, I will always choose an espresso martini over a margarita. I have strong opinions about lasagna. So far, I've shared my home with nine rabbits (all rescues, altered, and litter box trained), and a spouse who is a fantastic bunny daddy. I'm trained as a plant molecular biologist, which is a fancy-ish term for a scientist who grinds up plants to extract their DNA for all sorts of reasons. And even though I work with plants in the lab (well, I work with two specific plants), I'm not a botanist.

photo of me sorting seed stocks at a laboratory bench
a hand drawn graphic of some vine plants

what i'm writing now

In fiction, I'm working on a STEM-inist, plant-based cozy mystery series set in a the North Central village of Sweetgum, Florida. In each book, a plant is either the murder weapon, the motive for a murder, or a “witness” to a murder. But not in the obvious or expected ways. This is where I apply my expertise as a scientist.

In the first book, the main character is northern transplant Olivia Anders. She's struggling with purpose anxiety, social awkwardness, familial guilt, and grad school. Oh, and now she's adding solving murders to her bloated to-do list.

The manuscript has made it off my hard drive but isn't yet in press. 

In nonfiction, I'm cowriting the third and fourth books in a series for research scientists. You can read more about that series here.